Yet another MAME cabinet web site.  


I love playing vid's and now that I have a nice basement (finished it myself thank you very much.) I have a place for the real thing.   Anyway I knew I wouldn't be able to pick just one game to buy and then I found out about MAME.   After a few weeks of planning and surfing the web and flipping between building my own or fixing up an old cabinet. I finally decided to build my own and buy the slikstik. 


 I printed LuSiD's plans and made a scale model to see what it should look like.  Then it was off to HomeDepot for building materials.

I already had

Construction began with my neighbor coming over and loving the whole project. He just had to have one, so we went back out to the store to buy his materials. 

Day 1:

We started by drawing out the nicely scaled plans and I only had to fix my neighbors mistakes twice.  I cut all of the pieces out in one evening and got online to order my slikstik classic.

Day 2:

I lost my helper do to his basement flooding so I put my cabinet together mostly myself.   It was pretty simple construction predrilling and counter sinking the screw holes.   Cut a hole in the top for a power switch and ran the wiring down the back.   Installing the speakers in the top was a little bit of a chore.  I thought I could just drill enough holes in the top to get good sound but I was wrong.  So I cut out a square the size of my speaker, secured them in and made up little speaker covers.  I ran speaker wire down the back and into the original speaker volume control so that I can adjust it at any time.

Ordered the T-molding from  It's a good price, easy to order and quick delivery.

Day 3:

Put on the front panel door with the piano hinge. Then I puddy filled the screw holes, did some sanding and priming.  I had to give it a test run

Day 4:

Using a dremel I cut the groove for the t-molding and gave the cabinet its first coat of black. 

Day 5:

I put a second coat of black on and ordered coin slots from ebay.  Also started work on the marque design.

Day 6:

The slikstik is finally here so final assemble is underway.  I used some "L" brackets to secure the slikstik to the cabinet and measured and cut my plexi glass for the front and marquee.  For the front glass I taped off and painted an edge wide enough to cover the tv frame.  I have seen some nice bezel designs but this was simple and inexpensive.  Cut a hole in the bottom of the slikstik track ball case and mounted one of the LED lights in to it.   

Not sure of the day:

Cut out a spot for my coin slot, installed it and the other LED light.  A little cleaning up of the wires  loading the software I had gotten, found a front end that I liked and I was done.


Hind site is always 20/20 so here is my advice. 


The Inside

Here's my setup on the floor.  I was testing out the system.  Yeah that's it testing.


My brother owns his own graphics company and he's doing some custom artwork for me.   Based on the old arcade that I went to as a kid.  This picture doesn't do his work justice.



I looked around at a lot of Mame cabinets here are some good sites to help you build your own.